BJJ Training With Roy Harris Worth The Trip

Today’s post is going to be more of a Q&A…

Here goes:

Q: I heard you trained with Roy Harris. Was it worth the time, effort, money, etc.?

A: First off, let me say that I do not hold any rank in BJJ. I’ve had it offered to me, and won’t take any rank in
jiu jitsu without earning it. I’ve trained with too many guys who are full-time mat rats that worked like crazy to earn their rank, and I don’t want to get anything given to me just because I paid a seminar fee and know some people.

That’s what I like about Mr. Harris – he doesn’t give you jack without your earning and deserving it.

Now, about the original question…

If you want to get a good introduction to grappling with the gi or without (Level 1 BJJ and Grappling/No-Gi courses) and also get a lot of information on how to actually teach grappling, then yes, do it. At $500 for the programs, you won’t find another instructor who gives as much information for that price.

And, he’s the most underestimated “name” instructor in the industry – knowledge and skill-wise, I’d put Roy’s knowledge and skill as an instructor up against anyone out there, period.

Honestly, he doesn’t take any guff (but then again who does?), but you won’t find a nicer guy to train with,

Take a course with him or bring him into your school if you get the chance.

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