Expect Better Things To Come In 2010

Expect bigger and better things for your school in 2010...

Expect bigger and better things for your school in 2010...

Let’s be honest… 2009 was a difficult year for many martial art school owners and instructors.

For many school owners, it was a year when you saw less interest in your programs than in any previous year in the last decade.

And, for many part-time instructors, it was a year when many of you began looking at teaching as a possible means of income to fall back on should you lose your job.

I certainly hope none of you reading this had to go through that, but the from the emails I’ve been getting I know many of you have. And, quite frankly, I believe that many of you were ill prepared to face an economy that is as bleak as ours has been over the last year… and I want to ensure that never happens to you again.

So, I’m working hard to make the new MASAI website vastly better than anything I’ve provided for you previously. I’m working to get you more content each month, and also to provide you with more articles and lessons that are relevant to your situation.

Of course, with more content and improved services, our prices will be going up for our new members in January 2010.

But as a reader of my blog, I’d like to allow you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of MASAI membership at our current 2009 prices. Click here to visit the site and take our $1.00 test drive to lock in your membership at our extremely low 2009 rates.

Working hard so you can expect better thing in 2010 –

Mike Massie, still your Martial Arts Business anti-Guru

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