How To Set Your Martial Arts Tuition Rates

martial arts tuition prices

martial arts tuition pricesToday, Gary writes in to ask:

Q: “Hello Mr Massie,

I know in your book you mention not charging less than $99/month, and I agree with you. However, the city I currently live in, and the city I hope to move back to within the next year and a half are filled with Martial art schools that charge $45-$70 a month for unlimited # of classes.

I know that I’m a good teacher. I know that the products that I choose to teach are great. But can I charge double or in some cases more than double and expect to succeed?”

A: Thanks for the question, Gary.

First off, what your competition charges has no correlation whatsoever to what your services are worth.

In my town, my closest competitor charges $70 a month, the next closest charges $30 a month, and several other programs charge in the $50 range.

I charge $109 a month base tuition (Note: This was written in 2008 – MM). I have the most successful school in town.

It’s all about mindset – charge what you truly believe you’re worth, feel good about it, and you’ll get what you expect.

Here’s an easy-to-understand example to get you in the right mindset about this:

A physician in private practice usually charges anywhere from $70 – $150 for an office visit.

But, in many places now, you can go down the street to the local clinic and get see a doctor for about $20 – $40.

So, why don’t the private practice guys charge less so they can compete with the low-cost clinics?

Because they understand two things:

1. Who their clientèle are.

2. And what their services are worth.

Look at any other service industry and you’ll easily be able to find a similar example.

Bottom line… charge what you’re worth.

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