Tony Robbins Tells Sylvester Stallone’s Inspiring Story

I got this from Jim Labadie this morning. This is a perfect example of the dogged determination required to achieve massive success following your passion.

During all the times I tried and failed to open a successful school, I was called:

  • a “dreamer” (thank God above for that – I am, most assuredly, a world-class dreamer)
  • “a quitter” (ironic considering what I had to go through to own a school)
  • “direction-less” (another misnomer – I knew exactly what I wanted, I just hadn’t figured out how to get there yet)
  • that I’d “never make any money doing that” (my ex-girlfriend said that when she heard I’d packed up everything and moved to Austin to teach martial arts… yet, two short years later I was in profit and the proud owner of my first successful school)
  • “a mess” (because I refused to follow convention – I knew I had to follow my dream).

I guess that’s why stories like this one resonate with me so much.

There’s nothing wrong with failing forward, as Tony Robbins shares here with the story of Sylvester Stallone’s inspiring rise to fame and success.

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