How To Get More Women Into ANY Martial Art

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I rarely post links to any other blogs or sites, simply because most of what is written on martial arts business topics online is derivative or it doesn’t match my personal philosophy of business.

However, Stephen Kesting posts some really good information on his site and in his newsletter, and this article by Krista Scott-Dixon is no exception. In it, Krista provides a female perspective on why more women aren’t interested in grappling, why they get involved and don’t stick around, and what instructors can do to entice more women into their classes… and keep them there.

While it was written specifically regarding grappling and BJJ, Krista’s advice obviously applies to ANY martial art or martial art school.

Incidentally, my only real beef with her article is her suggestion to offer free or discounted classes for women. I totally disagree with that, as I feel it promotes a double-standard that ultimately is disadvantageous for the school owner, insulting to women, and unfair to the men who pay full-price for the same classes.

Also, it goes against good business principles (businesses are called businesses because they are created for the purposes of making money). But other than that one little suggestion she makes about charging women less, I believe that it’s a great article that I think every instructor and school owner should read.

Go check it out now:

How To Get More Women Into Grappling

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