More Profit, Less Work and Headaches… The Small Dojo Big Profits Way

Small Dojo Big Profits

You Can Work Hard On Your Martial Arts Business For A Short While, Or You Can Work In Your Business Forever!

Small Dojo Big ProfitsHow do you end up with a martial art school that is profitable but doesn’t require working 60 and 70 hour weeks to run?

Systems, that’s how. The kind that you work your tail off for a few months or the first year setting up, so you can have it a whole lot easier for years to follow.

But, I’ll bet the first thing that popped into your mind when I said “systems” was one of the following:

  1. Having to hire a billing company,
  2. Having to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars each month leasing martial art school management software,
  3. Having to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars every month leasing an online marketing system,
  4. Or, having to spend $1,000.00 or more each month in fees to have access to some curriculum franchise or licensing system.

Those are NOT the systems I’m talking about!

No, I’m referring to the type of simple, low-cost, high-yield systems I’ve been using in my own schools for years to keep the gears running smoothly so I could work just 4.5 days a week (about 30-35 hours a week). That’s while maintaining a very steady and comfortable income, I might add.

More Overhead = More Work!

You see, I’ve seen the results of using the high-cost systems I listed above. Yes, they can make your life somewhat easier. But, by no means will they save you work and time in the broad scheme of things.

Why won’t they save you work and time?

The answer is because of added overhead. Here’s another Mike Massie’s Small Dojo Big Profits axiom for you to chew on:

Massie’s Obvious Business “Secret” #335: “The more you spend, the more you have to work to make up the loss in profit.”

It seems like common sense, but it’s a fact that is often overlooked by martial art school owners who are trying to avoid work while making more money…

By spending big bucks on highly overpriced “tools” and “education” they’ve been convinced will save them from some onerous and undesirable task, they are actually increasing the amount of overall work they have to do in their business to stay profitable!

You see, you have to teach more students to make up that extra overhead. That means you have to work harder and harder in your business to get those students, teach them, and keep them. And that means working longer hours for less money (if you have to work harder to make the same amount of money, you profit per hour worked decreases – so you are being compensated less on an hourly basis).

You Don’t Need to Take Out a Second Mortgage on Your House

But the thing is, you don’t need to spend big bucks to have systems to implement in your school. I figured out long ago that my systems were better than what was being pushed to martial art school owners via the mainstream industry media.

So, I decided to write them down and share them.

And that, my friends, is the whole purpose of this site and all the products and services I offer. That is, teaching school owners how to have a life and make a decent living doing what they love… without taking them to the cleaners in the process.

“I’ll Take the One-Shot Cure, Please…”

Think about it; when you go to the doctor, do you want to take one tiny little shot and be cured of what ails you, or do you want to have to keep taking nasty and expensive medication each month to stay healthy?

Of course, you want the one-shot cure. Well, most all of my products and services are one-shot cures. (The only exception are products where you receive new material and resources each month, and those are so grossly under-priced for the value, it’s an almost negligible expense.)

So, do you want to pay tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your school for business systems… only to have to work harder to pay for them?

Or, will you pay for your systems once and keep your overhead down, allowing you to both save time and to make more money?

Where to Get My Most Popular High-Value Low-Cost Systems

If you’re opting for the latter, here are some of my most popular products and services organized by their purpose and what your individual needs as a school owner may be:

Product or Service

Ideal for:

Product link:

Small Dojo Big Profits Martial Arts Business System New school owners, instructors who desire to open a school with little starting capital, or established instructors who are struggling financially. Click here
Modern Digital Marketing martial arts lead capture and online marketing website systems Any school owner or instructor who wants to get more leads at the cheapest cost-per-lead possible. Any instructor who wants to improve the public image and visibility of their business. Anyone who wants to pay for their website once and once only, and have it pay for itself many times over for years and years to come. Contact me for a quote
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  1. Scott the Jeet Kune Do Specialist on September 16, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Mike Massie is the only martial arts marketing guy I trust. Others want to be him and are trying to design websites like he does. But don’t trust them, Mike is the only one who is a stand up straight guy with answers. Mike doesn’t know I’m writing this, and I haven’t even been around Mike for at least 2 years. But, Mike is the only voice in the crowd of other martial arts “guru’s” who actually will tell you the truth. You’d be really stupid not to learn from him.

  2. Mike Massie on September 16, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    Thanks Scott!

    Hope your school is doing well.

  3. Sean Allen on September 20, 2010 at 2:51 am

    Well said Michael. I spent $30 000 on a business coach and he taught me to systemise my dojo. That was 8 years ago and the dojo still runs under those same systems today! No extra effort required.
    Sean Allen

  4. Mike Massie on September 20, 2010 at 8:27 am

    Wow… $30 grand!

    I must be wayyyyyyy underpriced, lol.

    Sean, too bad you didn’t know me back then – I’d have saved you at least $29,000.00. :)

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