What Are Their Results?

These Days, It Seems Everyone Is A Martial Arts Business Consultant Or Online Marketing Expert… But Before You Buy, Ask To See Their Results

martial arts business and marketing lies

No matter what a martial arts business coach, system, or marketing service promises, always ask for PROOF before paying for their services

I keep hearing these stories from my clients about how they went and checked out “X” martial arts management system, or went with “Y” coaching program, or got pitched by “Z” company to get them to the top of Google…

And then they came straight back to me after finding out that either:

a) The other system/consultant/marketing service couldn’t deliver on their promises;

b) They were already getting the same information or service from me as one of my clients;

c) The coaching and marketing services they are receiving from me beat anything else they looked at…

Folks, I’m going to say this plain and simple so there’s no misunderstanding – the majority of people out there who are trying to sell you business coaching, business systems, or online marketing services are clueless.

Sometimes they are even aware of it, and hope you won’t figure it out before they get a check from you. So, ALWAYS ask to see the results that a business coach or search engine marketing company has produced before you give them one red cent of your money.

I’ve received some really interesting feedback from my clients recently related to this, so I thought I’d share a few with you to illustrate my point.

Martial Arts Business Coaching Nightmares

Jamel McCurry is among the first people to follow Small Dojo Big Profits in building a successful school. In fact, he recently told me that he was able to go full-time just two months after reading and implementing the information in Small Dojo Big Profits (that’s a record – it takes most instructors six months to a year).

However, after his school was up and running, he got what I call “shiny object syndrome”, or SOS. “SOS” is when you see a “shiny object”, be it the latest business manual, seminar, coaching program, add-on program, or whatever, and chase after it… and abandon everything that has worked for you thus far in the process.

In Jamel’s case, it was an expensive business coaching program. His result from abandoning the lessons he learned from my Small Dojo Big Profits system were that his school suffered. The advice he got from that other business coach he hired? Worthless, as his numbers started decreasing. Or, as he put it,  “Our schools were actually going down instead of up!”

After that, Jamel said he went back to what I taught him, and soon his school started growing again. To hear his experience with Small Dojo Big Profits in his own words, check out his video here:


Online Marketing Ripoffs

Vidal Rosales is a dedicated taekwondo instructor who teaches in the Chicago’s Little Village. A little over a year ago (this article was written in 2010),  I built an entry-level marketing website for him – the perfect solution for his budget as he was just starting to grow his school.

Recently, Vidal contacted me to update me on his school’s growth, and to ask my advice on hiring an online marketing and SEO company that had been calling him.

Here’s what he wrote, along with my reply:

Good Morning Mike,

School is finally picking up.  I have a little over a hundred students and seems to be trending upwards. I have also been receiving a lot of calls recently regarding companies that help you be on the first page of google.  Is this something I have to look into and is this a service that you offer?


Vidal Rosales

Hi Vidal,

First, about those people calling to get you at the top of Google… you’re already on the first page of Google (actually, spots #1, #2, and #3) for “little village martial arts” and “litle village chicago martial arts”. For “little village karate” and “little village taekwondo” – same thing.

Think about it – someone calls you to get you to the top of Google, and they didn’t even bother to check your rankings first to see if you needed the service?

It’s a scam, plain and simple.

I designed your site and set it up (optimized and promoted it) so it would rank high in Google for key search terms over time. That’s exactly what has happened, and honestly you could probably credit that for a large chunk of your business.

I do this for “free” at the time I build a small business website. However, if you ever need more search engine marketing work done on your site, come to me because I know how your site is set up and I know exactly what to do to get you more exposure in the search engines.


Mike Massie

The sad thing is, about 90% of SEO companies and services are scams. You can check out this article from the February issue of Entrepreneur magazine for more on this trend.

Yet, I have tons of internet marketing success stories just like Vidal’s. I get results for my clients, and quickly, because I’ve been doing SEO for nearly a decade, and experience can’t be faked. Here’s a litmus test for you to think about; most really good SEOs (search engine optimization specialists) are booked up with all the business they can handle.

So, if anyone contacts you to sell you online marketing services, ask them this:

“If your company is so good at SEO, why do you have to resort to cold-calling and spamming to get business?”

The answer, of course, is self-evident.

No Need To Reinvent The Wheel – Just Drive My Ferrari

Byron Picado contacted me via Facebook to share his recent experience with following so-called “marketing gurus” in the martial arts industry.

Here’s what he had to say, word for word:

Thank You very much sir… You know it’s funny cause I said to myself, Let me pick up on all the search engine stuff and the whole system that these marketers use and then i’ll come back to martial arts bizz stuff. Well everything you have in the member site is a PACKAGE of all the things i learned: Article Marketing, Video SEO, Blogs, Lead Capture pages even the power of reviews and google maps :) I was like: no way!!!!!

And your sales material or “enrollment process” is Fantastic. I put the pieces together like a puzzle, to find out it was all here lol. I’m going to dominate my area, i can feel it… I enjoyed and was inspired by your “Massive Online Marketing Machine” post, fired me UP!

Am I shocked or surprised at what Byron wrote? Not in the least. I’ve had an integrated offline and online marketing system in place for years, and I’ve been sharing that same information with my martial arts business coaching clients since day one.

The MAbizU site rocks, plain and simple. If you join the site and read it, the only way you’re going to fail is if you quit or if you don’t implement it.

Just ask Jim Mahan, a coaching client since November of last year. He started with just three (3) students, and no location. He’s closing in on 80 students right now, running his school part-time (he’s full-time military) in the middle of the worst recession in recent history.

Or, ask Tony Welker, who recently completed the Fighting Fit Boot Camp Instructor certification. Tony hired me to come to his school in Brownwood, TX for a day of business coaching and strategic marketing planning. Six weeks later, he told us at the seminar last weekend that he will likely enroll over 30 students in the month of October.

But before we met for one-on-one coaching, he was only enrolling three to four (3-4) new students a month.

Can You Afford To Be Skeptical?

I could go on and on with stories like this, but instead let me ask you something – can you afford to be skeptical? At a time when small businesses are closing at an alarming rate, and martial arts school owners like you are struggling just to keep their doors open…

…my clients, customers, and site members are experiencing record growth and profits.

Frankly, I don’t blame you for being skeptical, considering that most of the consultants, business systems, and marketing services in the industry simply can’t deliver on what they promise.

Yet, the proof is right here before your eyes. Don’t take my word for it – instead, listen to the martial art school owners and instructors who are experiencing success after implementing the information, tools, and services I provide.

Want more information on my products and services?

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