How to Get Local Press Coverage for Your Martial Art School

Why Getting Local Press Coverage Can Be a Goldmine for Your Martial Art School…

(Note: The report that’s referred to in this text is now included FREE with the Martial Art School Marketing System, and also with your membership. -M.M.)

Getting your programs covered by your local press is one of the best free ways to get the word out about what you do. Large corporations and celebrities already know the importance of good press, which is why they spend a considerable amount of effort getting positive press coverage.

See, the power of positive press coverage is that the news outlets are trusted sources of information – whatever people see in the news, they inherently trust. That means when you are featured in the local news, your credibility skyrockets.

That’s why I invested a great deal of time and effort learning how to get my schools featured in the local media. And, it paid off in huge dividends for me – within two years I had over 150 students, and within another two years I was up to 200. Of course, that wasn’t completely due to the local media coverage, but it certainly played a large role in my school’s success… as it is doing for several of my coaching clients today.

How Can You Get The Same Press Coverage for Your School?

So, how do you get press coverage like this for your school? There are two things you need to do to get local press coverage:

  1. You need to create newsworthy stories for the press to cover.
  2. You need to let the local news media know about your stories.

That’s it. It really is that simple. Of course, you have to know what makes for a good newsworthy story, and how to go through the proper channels to get media attention…

The Key To Success Is In Knowing How

Press Release reportAnd honestly, that takes some specific knowledge to do. Public relations and media relations experts charge a pretty penny to generate the sort of press coverage that I got for my school for years. But, I got it all for free, just by knowing what reporters want and then giving it to them.

Because of that, I’ve received tons of requests from martial art school owners for information on how to get local media coverage, which is why I’ve made my Press Release Template report and guide available.

To my knowledge, every single one of my clients who has used the information in that report consistently has gotten their school events covered by local T.V. stations or newspapers.

And the best part is, that press coverage is free… and it can be used over and over again to promote your school. Just clip out the local news story, or buy the rights to the video from the local T.V. station, and you can use that story in your marketing materials for years to come.

Look, if you want to get free press coverage, you need this report. And, if you’ve ever tried to get press coverage for your school only to hit a brick wall, the knowledge in this report will open doors for you with your local media.

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