How To Add $72K In Profit By Next Fall…

How Starting A Summer Camp Can Add $72,000 A Year In Profit To Your School

What a lot of people don’t know about running summer camps and after-school camps keeps them from making loads of money with them.

Starting a summer camp and after school karate program

After school camps and summer camps can be a real game changer for some martial art school owners.

That’s why I wrote, recorded, and released my “Starting A Summer Day Camp” and “After-School Karate Program System” courses – to help instructors properly realize income from this extremely lucrative niche market.

Yet, many instructors have no idea how lucrative this market can be. I realized this the first year we ran a full-time summer camp in my karate school – we made over $30,000 in just a few short months that summer. It was amazing!

The thing is, when you know how to run summer camps and after-school camps effectively, you can reap the rewards of this extremely stable income-generator all year long.


Well, one program feeds the other. Summer camp students become after-school camp students, and vice-versa. One program fills the enrollment in the other program, since most of these clients need these services all year long.

Start a summer camp this year, and you can easily have enough cash on hand by mid-summer to make a tidy down payment on some new vehicles to use for transportation for your after-school karate camps.

The Numbers

So, how does this shake out from a financial perspective? Let’s see…

  • 20 after-school karate students @ $300 per month (yes, that’s how much they pay) x 9 months of the year = $54,000.00 per year gross income (yes, with just 20 students)
  • 20 summer camp students @ $500 per month (not a typo) x 3 months of the year = $30,000.00 per year gross income
  • Subtract about $1,000.00 per month in overhead costs (yes, your overhead costs will be high – this is something no one else will tell you about running karate camps, which is a good reason to read my manuals and courses)
  • And you end up with $72,000.00 per year in profit from just 20 students.

For most martial art school owners, that’s some serious extra cash to put in you pocket. Granted, these numbers shake out this way if you’re doing most of the work yourself. If you hire more staff, expect it to be around $60,000.00 a year or so (I explain how to do this in the courses).

Can You Do It?

Yes, you can with proper planning. However, you should know that the time to start planning and advertising is right now (early March to mid-April) for summer camps, and in late May or early June for summer camps.

So, if you don’t know a thing about running summer camp or after-school karate camps, you should get my materials and start going through them right now. Planning ahead and advertising early is the best way to fill your camps. I know this from over a decade of experience in running these programs.

Yes it’s work… but then again so is going to a “day job” every day. I look at my after-school camps and summer camps like the “ultimate day job substitute”! I get to teach martial arts, play all day long, and ultimately I am in control of my financial destiny with my camps – not some corporate bean counter who might decide to cut my job at a whim.

Oh, and did I mention that parents need these services even more when the economy goes sour? Yep… both parents go to work, and guess what? They need after-school camps for their kids.

That means job security for you, and combined with a great income and the autonomy of self-employment, and you can’t go wrong with starting a summer day camp and then leveraging it into an after-school karate camp.

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