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Martial Arts Websites on the First Page of Google? Check!

martial arts websites

“Yes, my martial arts website kung-fu is strong… very strong.”

One of the questions I get asked a lot is…

“Are you still doing martial arts web design for schools?” And the short answer is, YES!

In fact, I love doing SEO and web marketing for studio owners. The reason?

Because I know it’s the ONE THING that gets real results for school owners – if they hire me to do their entire site and Google ranking campaign, soup to nuts.

Why I Prefer Doing Martial Arts Websites Soup to Nuts

The reason it works best when I do their entire site is because you can have traffic with a crummy site, and still get no leads.

And, you can have a great looking site, and get no traffic because it’s not optimized, and still get no leads or business from it.

So, I prefer to handle both for my clients. Sure, it costs a little more, but let’s look at the numbers:

  • Site #1 sits on the third or fourth page of Google, gets 30 visitors a month, converts 2 or 3 to leads, leading to just one enrollment…
  • Site #2 (my site) is in the top five spots in Google, gets hundreds of visitors a month on average, converts 20 or more to leads, and results in netting 10 or more new enrollments a month!

Which would you rather have… that site your brother-in-law built for $150 that gets zero traffic, or one of my sites that ranks on the first page of Google and actually pays for itself the first month in new business?

How to Get Started

So, you’re probably asking, “How do I get started?”

The good news is that I actually finance my client’s sites for them. The base fee (don’t get sticker shock – remember how much ten new students a month are worth over the course of a year… and your site will be cranking them out for years to come) is $1,200.

BUT… I’ll allow any school owner to pay that out over six months. Now, think about it; if your site brings in ten new students, and each is worth at least $100.00, then that’s advertising that is paying you, not advertising that you’re paying for.

And the best part is, you’re NOT renting this site – YOU OWN IT once it’s paid for. It’s a ONE TIME expense. Much smarter than paying $100/mo., $200/mo., or even $500/mo. or more for years and years on end. That’s like paying for a used car for life – it just doesn’t make good business sense.

Pay for a site I design and rank for you and it’s yours. Period.

The Details

Now, full disclosure – it can take me a few weeks to a few months to get your site on the first page of Google, depending on your market.

But, unlike other web design and SEO firms, my company doesn’t charge extra for those services – it’s included.

And, I guarantee my work. Results in 90 days or I work for free until the site is ranked… and ranked for GOOD keywords (like “martial arts your city”, etc.)

And yes, you’ll be able to edit your own site content, update it, put your social media links on it, add videos from YouTube, whatever. These sites are extremely flexible and easy to manage.

Recent Work

Want to see some recent work?

Notice, there’s not a lot of extra junk to distract from the marketing message here. Just a clean, streamlined page layout that gets the prospect to call or fill out your web form.

And yes, I will set up aWeber on your site for you if you need it.

Ready to Get Started?

Click here and scroll down the page to contact me about getting a site for your school. Be sure to include complete contact information and the best time to call. Also, be ready to put down a deposit to get the work started.

Also (and this isn’t a marketing trick, it’s the truth) I can only take a few clients on at a time.

So, first-come, first-served. Just a fair warning, so contact me right now if you’re ready to get started with a martial arts website for your school.

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