The Secret to Martial Arts Student Retention

You know, there’s a secret to martial arts student retention. Most people think they know what it is, but in fact they don’t.

  • Some instructors think it’s in teaching exciting classes. Not necessarily.
  • Still others may think it’s in keeping close ties to your students. Close, but no quite.
  • Others may think the secret is in being priced competitively. Not even close.

(Hint: If the only thing keeping your students around is that you’re the cheapest place to train in town, you might want to consider another profession.)

Here’s Something Else You May Not Know About Martial Arts Student Retention

Retention is the key to growing your school. Not just a key – the key.

Look, I can teach anyone how to market. And the fact is, if you don’t know you can just throw a bunch of money at the right people and they’ll do it for you.

Hire the right people and spend enough, and you’ll have all the new students you could ever want.

But, keeping them is another matter. Case in point…

Getting Them Is The Easy Part…

I had a contest once on my private martial arts coaching forum. The goal was to get the most student enrollments in 90 days, by following the marketing system I teach to my clients.

The guy who won, he enrolled 100 students in 120 days. Sounds fantastic, right?

Well, sort of…

The thing is, he had no idea how to keep those students around. So, ended up only keeping 40 or so when all was said and done.

Which is a shame, because (had I known) I could have easily shown him the secret to martial arts student retention.

It’s not hard, once you know it.

And The Secret to Martial Arts Student Retention Is…

Want to know the secret? I’ll tell you…

It’s in proving the value of your programs to your clients.

The fact is, if your clients continue to believe the the value they receive from your programs is worth well over, even many times, the cost of their membership, they will continue to show up for classes indefinitely.

So how do you prove the value of your programs?

For adult students, it’s in giving them what they want, whether that’s weight loss, self-defense skills, confidence, or fun.

But for kids, it’s in giving their parents what they want for their kids.

“Ah-hah!” you say. “But how exactly do I do that?”

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