Starting A Martial Art School Testimonials… Or What Happens When You Discover How To Do Things Right

If Starting And Growing Your Martial Art School Seems Like A Sisyphean Task, You’ll Want To Read This…

Starting a martial art school can seem like a Sisyphean task

Starting a martial art school can seem like a Sisyphean task - but it doesn't have to be

I keep hearing from school owners who are asking for help and advice with their struggling martial art schools.

Most often, their complaints revolve around the following:

  1. Not able to get enough leads an inquiries…
  2. Not able to convert their leads to memberships…
  3. Not able to keep the members they have.

And, in each and every case I tell them the same thing:

  • You don’t have to struggle to get students or grow your school –
  • Our members are experiencing growth in their schools –
  • Because they’re following our simple plan for success that’s spelled out every month –
  • All you have to do is join, read, act, and succeed.

Unfortunately, you folks are used to having people sell you a bill of goods that doesn’t exist, so you’re understandably skeptical that a $17.95 a month membership can actually help your school.

Testimonials From Starting A Martial Art School Members

Well, I could tell you all day long until I turned blue in the face, but instead I thought I’d share what our members say about the site, and what it is doing for their schools:

“Another brilliant insight into the MA marketing that so few owners are doing. Thanks again Mike, I have implemented these recommendations since the start of 2009 and have already signed up another 30 students!”

– Cheyne McMahon, Australian Karate Academy


Obviously they have not checked out the other guy that really does charge from $99 to $199 per month and that is a fact. I actually have a stack of dvd’s and a binder with so much information that I never will get through all this information and that was just the 30 day intro package. Who can afford those kind of prices?

And they always tell about the success stories… what about the schools that failed using those same programs?

Of course they are not going to mention them and they can not make me believe that everyone that get’s into those programs is successful!

Your professional fee is extremely affordable and if you only get 2 students a year from using that information it more than pays for itself and that’s just 2 students in a year….. I mean really, think about it!

Thanks for your time and effort.

– Jerry Taylor, Taylor’s Tae Kwon Do Academy

I agree, you got to do what it takes to stand out above the others.

Just being linked with mike in 2 months i went from 14 students to 38 in 2 months.

Thanks Mike for your site…

– Noah Bergen

Those are just a few positive comments that we’ve received from our members in the last week or so.

If you’d like to read more, click here.

Mike Massie is the author of Small Dojo Big Profits and runs a martial arts business coaching website for new instructors and small school owners,


  1. Jeff Barnes on February 26, 2009 at 7:51 am

    I know that I often say how great this program is.

    I do want to say that this guy and his program is really good. If it wasn’t for Mike and his advice I would have quit teaching the martial arts already.

    I joined this program as a last ditch effort. It turned out to be a true gold mine.

    To be really honest I really couldn’t afford the $18 per month I was paying Mike. Then again, I couldn’t afford the $100 a month packages I was paying for with the other guys.

    With Mike’s help and patience, I turned my business around dramatically.

    The only difference between me then (June 2008) and now (February 2009) is that I joined Mike’s program and I listened to his advice and implemented what he said.

    Jeff Barnes

  2. Richard Hackworth on February 26, 2009 at 9:29 am

    It is nice to see someone provide a true value to the martial arts school owners. I have often wondered about some of the other programs. If they guys running them are really mill-yun-airs like they claim… why do they need almost $300 a month of my money to give me a copy of what they claim to be doing at their schools????

    Best regards,
    Richard Hackworth

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