Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 6 Interview With Judd Reid

Judd Reid of 100 Man Fight

Interview with world knockdown karate champion and “100 Man Fight” documentary subject Judd Reid

Judd Reid of 100 Man Fight

Judd Reid

In this podcast episode, Mike interviews Judd Reid, a world knockdown karate champion and the subject of the recently released documentary, “100 Man Fight” (click here for more info).

In this interview, Judd shares what it was like training as an uchi-deshi under Sosai Mas Oyama, how he prepared for the 100 man kumite, and what it was like to complete the event.

Also, in the tip of the week Mike explains how to deal with the Christmas holiday slump, and how to increase your profits despite any seasonal slow-down in enrollments.


Links: – Find out more about Judd and order the documentary!

Mike’s Article on how to have a Black Friday sale

Also, here are some clips that Judd sent me that show what uchi-deshi training was like under Sosai Mas Oyama:

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