Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 7: Tough Talk

Martial Arts Business Podcast Ep 7

Martial Arts Business Podcast Ep 7

What Do You Really Need To Focus On When You’re Starting A Martial Art School?

In this podcast episode, Mike provides some tough talk for martial art school owners about how to avoid disaster when starting a martial art school:

  • What steps you need to take to get your dojo off the ground…
  • What you should be focused on when you’re first starting out…
  • Your number one priority during your first year in business…
  • And, what NOT to focus on if you want to be successful…

Plus, in the Tip of the Week, Mike talks about what to do when your classes are growing and you’re having a difficult time teaching students at different skill levels in the same class.


Links to Resources Mentioned In This Episode: – The place to go to get the martial arts business fundamentals down pat. – Our show sponsor today.

Mike’s Martial Arts Rotating Curriculum book on

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