Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode #8: Interview With Brian Carmody

Brian Carmody

“How To Use Content Marketing To Get More Students And Keep The Students You Have”

Brian CarmodyIn this podcast episode, Mike interviews Brian Carmody of Brian is a martial artist, a former Army officer, and a freelance writer who specializes in content marketing for martial art school owners and instructors.

Now, what is content marketing? Listen in on the podcast as Brian explains what it is in clear and simple terms, and how you can use it to more effectively market your martial art school online.

Also, in The Tip of the Week Mike explains how to get more members over the holiday season by using seasonal consumer spending habits to your advantage.


Links and Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Website Conversion Formula:
Actions (sales or leads) / Site or Page Traffic x 100 = Conversion Rate – Brian’s website where you can find out more about his services.

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