Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 10: Online Reputation Management

online reputation management for martial art schools

“If You Don’t Think Honesty Is The Best Customer Service Policy, Your Days Are Numbered!”

(You can read the original blog post this episode is based on here.)

Now, more than ever, we exist in “the age of the consumer.”

What do I mean by this?

Anyone with a computer or mobile device can almost instantly go online and search reviews about your business, leave a review (whether good or bad), and share reviews with others on other social media websites.

That’s why it’s an absolute MUST that you know how to manage your online reputation, and that you develop policies that ensure your customers are highly satisfied with the services they receive.

In this podcast episode, Mike explains exactly how to do just that… and, in the Tip of the Week, he provides three simple strategies for getting more positive reviews online.


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The email autoresponder service Mike mentions in the show (automates website lead capture, email follow-up, and emailing newsletters).

Episode Excerpt:

“Think about it; everyone knows how important it is for local marketing purposes to have your business listed in Google Maps and Yahoo Local. But have you given serious thought to the review function of these sites?

Anyone can login to their Yahoo or Google account and post a review of your business – one that will remain online for an indefinite period of time, and that you have almost zero chance of getting rid of once it is published online.

Moreover, those reviews often get copied and aggregated by other “knock-off” sites… meaning the negative review may very well show up all over the internet.

And with the advent of Facebook and Twitter, with a few keystrokes a single consumer can almost instantly spread their discontent about a business to thousands of other consumers. It also deserves mentioning that Twitter and Facebook content is increasingly being used by Google to serve up information in their search results pages.

With nearly 100% of consumers searching online when shopping locally, it’s no small leap of logic to assume that too many negative reviews and opinions posted online about a martial arts school can have a very negative effect on business.”

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