Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 12: Selling Memberships During The Holidays

Christmas karate lessons

Christmas karate lessons

How To Sell More Memberships During The Holiday Season

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Christmas may be a “slow” season for a lot of school owners… but it doesn’t have to be.

In this podcast episode, Mike gives some useful tips on how to capitalize on the holiday season to get more students, including:

  • The number one reason why Christmas is a great time to sell memberships…
  • How to position your services so consumers prefer to spend money with you…
  • The four things you MUST do to make your holiday selling season a success…
  • What to sell during the holiday season…
  • How to make your gift certificate sales 1,200% more profitable…

Plus, in the Tip of the Week Mike shares how to deal with the “I have to wait until after the holidays” objection. Find out how to get people to join, even when they say they’re flat broke!


Podcast Excerpt:

How To Get Christmas Spending To Work In Your Favor

Look, you shouldn’t let what people say about the supposed scarcity of money influence your marketing and business decisions. Those same people who claim they’re “broke” are going to spend hundreds and sometimes even thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on Christmas gifts this year…

So, why shouldn’t it be at your school?

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