Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 13: Being Consistent With Your Marketing

being consistent in your martial arts marketing

3 Reasons Why You Need To Be Consistent In Marketing Your School All Year Long

being consistent in your martial arts marketingIs marketing your dojo supposed to be a some-of-the-time thing, or an all-the-time thing?

Most martial art school owners seem to turn up their marketing activity during the so-called “busy” times of the year (during fall and right after the New Year), and then tone it down at times of the year when things are supposed to be slow (during the winter holiday season and mid- to late summer).

But is that the best approach to marketing your martial art school? And, what are the consequences of being inconsistent in our marketing? Certainly, it makes sense to take advantage of busier times of the year by increasing our marketing, but doesn’t it also make sense to market hard when business is slow? What will be the fallout over the months ahead if we decrease our marketing now?

In this podcast episode, Mike answers these questions as he explains why you should be marketing your school in the same consistent manner all the time, even during slow times of the year. Listen to this episode and find out why what you do (or don’t do) in your marketing today can have a big impact on your bottom line in the months ahead…

In addition to the above, Mike also discusses why you need to be selective about what you post online. And in the tip of the week, Mike talks about SEO and how to avoid getting your martial arts website Google-slapped, and where you time and money is best spent today in your personal online marketing efforts.

(By the way, you can read the original blog post this episode is based on here.)


Links to Resources Mentioned In This Podcast Episode:

Google Adwords Express – The best way to get started with pay-per-click advertising on Google. (Just be sure to geo-target your ads so you don’t pay for ad clicks from outside your area!)

Facebook Advertising – Facebook is a great place to market your school. Again, be sure to target your ads by location to avoid paying for ad clicks from outside your area. – My private martial arts business coaching website. When you join, make sure you join the private Facebook group for members so you get the most out of your membership. – A great place to get pre-written content for your blog and newsletters.



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