Podcast Episode 20: The Dangers Of Using Free Labor In Your Dojo

free labor

free laborOften martial art school owners fill their staffing gaps by using free volunteer labor, namely by recruiting their students to help them out. This on its face seems like a great idea, but it comes with hidden dangers.

In this podcast episode, Mike explains these hidden dangers (based on the current legal and business environment in the U.S.) and shares what he believes to be the best alternative.

Also, in the Tip of the Week Mike explains the best option for tracking business expenses and withholding related to hiring and paying your employees.


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Podcast Excerpt:

“We’ve been talking about the dangers of free help today, so let’s talk about paying your people and some of the regulatory issues that go along with that. The main thing that trips people up is they think it’s going to be really complicated to have to track and pay withholding taxes for their employees. And the thing is, it’s really not that complicated. The simplest way to calculate and track those numbers is to use…”

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