Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 23: Interview With Joao Crus

Joao Crus

Joao CrusIn this week’s podcast my guest is Mr. Joao Crus. I’ve known Joao since my early days of martial art school ownership, and know him to be a knowledgeable and accomplished instructor. Joao teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu out of two schools here in the Austin area, and has been a school owner for close to two decades.

But that’s not the reason I invited Joao on the show this week… the real reason I invited him to do an interview is because of his unique approach to teaching martial arts to children. Joao is one of those people who I consider to be a real pioneer in his approach to teaching kids, and it shows.

Get this – his main form of advertising for his schools is… word of mouth referrals. So, he must be doing something right! I really think you’re going to enjoy hearing about how he devised his approach to working with kids in this podcast.

And finally, in the Tip of the Week I discuss added profit centers – what they are, why you need them, and I also give some examples as well to help get you started if you aren’t already implementing them in your studio.


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Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Joao’s school website

Here’s where you can purchase Joao’s Kid’s BJJ curriuclum on DVD

Joao’s affiliate website

Brian Carmody’s Martial Arts Blogging service

Here’s a link where you can get my book, The Profit-Boosting Principles on Amazon

Podcast Excerpt:

“So what do we have on this week’s podcast? Well, I have a very interesting interview lined up with a Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor that I’ve known for some time… the guy’s name is Joao Crus. Joao is a (native of Brazil) who studied karate and then became interested in jiu-jitsu later on when he was close to getting his black belt in karate, switched to training jiu-jitsu, and continued his training after moving to the U.S. and eventually received his black belt under Carlson Gracie.

Joao is a really interesting guy. The most interesting thing about Joao and this interview is his approach to teaching children Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Now, a lot of people don’t know this, but Joao does coach some very big names in BJJ on how to teach jiu-jitsu to children, and specifically his teaching methods and approach.

So if you listen closely and carefully to what Joao has to share in this interview, I think you’re going to get some pretty useful information on how you might be able to change your approach to teaching children martial arts regardless of the style you teach.”

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