Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 27: Buyer Beware

karate caveat emptor

caveat emptor

In This Week’s Podcast Episode…

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Podcast Excerpt:

I think people in the BJJ arena and the martial arts in general need to chill out. Instructors – you have a tendency to try to control your students too much, and it’s really creepy, how much instructors think they can control their students, and how much they think they should control their students.

I’m telling you right now, people are forgetting that you’re in the beginning stages of building an industry, or rather building a niche within the martial arts industry, whose primary purpose is serving a clientele. These people, these students, are your clients – they are not your children… they can do whatever the heck they damn well please.

If they want to train with somebody else, they can train with somebody else. If they want to accept rank from somebody else, they can accept rank from somebody else. That is none of your business…

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