Podcast Episode 31: Are Cash Outs Good For Your School?

martial art school cash outs

In this podcast episode, Mike Massie discusses the practice of cash outs, also known as paid in full memberships, in the context of whether or not they are a wise practice for martial art school owners to adopt.

And, in the Tip of the Week, Mike shares some simple tips to help you manage your cash more effectively in your martial art school.


Resources and Products Mentioned In This Podcast Episode:

MAbizU.com – Mike’s private martial arts business coaching group.

Podcast Excerpt:

Hello everyone out there in the Martial Arts Business Nation and the Small Dojo Big Profits Tribe, this is Mike Massie coming at you with another edition of the Martial Arts Business Podcast. And I know I’ve been coming at you less frequently lately with these podcast episodes, and I apologize for that, but I have been very busy.

Let me tell you a little bit about what’s been going on around here. Still teaching the Krav Maga classes in our new town, that is going well. We started off and got a ton of leads and students in the first month, as I told you before, and I actually cut back on my marketing because I was getting too busy.

The classes are going well, and now that summer is in full swing and people are settled down from the end of school season, I’m starting to kick up my marketing again and generate leads to replace some of the people who fell out since the first month.

You always get that, especially with classes like this where people come in and they’re expecting a more mundane or sedate workout, and then they find out that the classes are pretty hard. So of course you’re going to get some people who fall out and decide that they really don’t want to do that sort of class, or learn self-defense at all, which is fine.

So, I’m working on replacing those people, and also I’ve had a fiction book launch recently. Actually, I finished up the last episode in my fiction book series, the zombie apocalypse book series I’ve been writing. And once I finished the last episode in the first season of that series – it’s a serial novel, which means the entire novel is published in sections – I then compiled it into one volume and published it, and I’m working on marketing that right now…

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