Hope Is Not A Martial Arts Marketing Plan

hope is not a martial arts marketing plan

How To Get 40 New Student Inquiries A Month…

Most martial art school owners and instructors suffer from what I call “lackofleaditis”. They get just a few new student inquiries a week…

…and they think that’s just the way things are. Let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth, and hope is not a marketing plan.

If you want to grow your school, you have to have more than hope to rely on. You need a solid plan, action steps you can rely on month after month to bring in a steady stream of new students.

Here’s why.

Being Lead Rich

One thing I’ve learned over the past few decades is that if you want your school to grow and prosper, then you have to be what I call “lead rich”.

Meaning, you have to have more leads than you know what to do with in order to grow your school. Part of the reason is because it’s a numbers game – the more leads you have, the more students you’ll enroll. Simple direct correlation.

But also, it’s psychological. When you have a ton of leads, you are no longer “desperate” to enroll students. Desperation kills sales. So, being free from that feeling of desperation can have an immediate and positive impact on your school’s growth.

Yet, this is a difficult concept to grasp for many school owners, especially those who have never enrolled more than a dozen students in a single month.

But what if I told you I’ve enrolled a dozen students in a single day? And that I can show you how to get 40+ new student inquiries a month, like clockwork?

I know, it sounds crazy…

Which is why I’m going to explain how to do it in this post. But before I begin, let me define just what a “lead” is, at least for our purposes.

When A Lead Isn’t A Lead

A “lead” is when you get the name, phone number, and email address of someone who has voluntarily contacted you by phone, email, or in person to inquire about taking martial arts (or fitness, or self-defense, or whatever) classes with you.

Just getting an email address or getting someone to opt-in to your email newsletter doesn’t count. Nor does it count when someone emails you via the contact form on your site.

Nope. To be a real lead, you have to have name, email, and phone number. The reason?

No phone number, no conversation. No conversation, no sale.

And no, conversing via email doesn’t count. It’s only on the phone that you can control the conversation and get the appointment – which is the whole purpose of getting leads in the first place.

How To Get 40 Leads A Month

Got it? Okay, so let’s go over how to get 40 new student inquiries a month.

Ready? Here goes…

  • Your website and landing pages – Your website should be good for 10-15 leads a month, minimum (but we’ll go with 10 on the low side). If not, your website is set up wrong, and you need to fix it so it works for you 24/7/365 collecting new student leads.
  • Direct marketing – Either door hangers or direct mail, it doesn’t matter. Door hangers cost less, but take more time to implement; direct mail costs more but the postal service does all the work. Either way, it should be good for 10 new student inquiries a month at the bare minimum.
  • VIP Guest Passes – Good for at least 5 new student inquiries a month. If you’re not even getting that many, you’re doing something wrong and your referral systems need to be fixed.
  • Miscellaneous marketing – This includes a plethora of other forms of marketing. Street signage, rack cards, signage on your vehicles, business cards, email marketing, social media marketing, press coverage, small print ads, guest talks, free events, personal invitations, etc. In the Martial Arts Marketing Success System I list more than 40 ways you can get new students. If you use less than half of them, each method you use should be good for 1 or 2 new student inquiries every month. So, we’ll call it at 15-20 leads from these various sources.

And there you have it. 40-45 new students inquiries – solid leads – each and every month. With that many leads, even a school owner who sucks at sales can enroll 15 new students a month.

And if you’re on your game? 20 new students a month – or more if you’re an phone-to-enrollment stud.

For most school owners and instructors, those are life-changing numbers. If you enrolled 20 new students this month, and each of them paid just $200 between their first month’s tuition and registration fees, that’d still be an extra $4,000 in your pocket this month.

Now, what if you did that every single month? You can, but to do so it’s time to stop relying on hope and instead take your fate into your own hands.

To find out how, click the link below…


Best regards,

Mike Massie

P.S. – It’s been said many times that knowledge is power. Once you know how to turn on your marketing machine and have it cranking out leads like a candy cane factory at Christmas, it will absolutely change your life.

P.S.S. – This time next year you could have double the number of students you have now – or you could be in the same boat. If what you’ve always done hasn’t worked, then it’s time to stop relying on hope and instead take control of your future…

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