Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 35: Pricing, Selling, And Having Haters

Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 35

In this episode of the Martial Arts Business Podcast, Mike Massie discusses pricing, advertising your prices, and when the ideal time is to reveal your prices.

Mike also provides some perspective on haters and what it really means for you and your business when people criticize you.

And, in the Tip of the Week, Mike provides some candid advice on dealing with the price question over the phone.


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Podcast Excerpt

“Okay, so the Tip of the Week this week is going to be on pricing, or rather, on advertising your prices. And I know mentioned earlier in the podcast that you could go to to find out more about when, where and how to reveal your prices to prospective students, but I decided that in the Tip of the Week today I’d provide you with some actionable information in that regard, that actually comes from the Martial Arts Sales Success System.

So when do you reveal your prices? It’s simple really. You don’t want to advertise your prices on your website except for your sales pricing, whatever your special promotion is at the time. Typically I’ve relied on several different price points for special promotions depending on the time of the year, sometimes that price point is around $20, sometimes it’s around $100 or $150; it just depends on what I’m offering.

The thing is, you always should put your special pricing in your advertisements and on your websites, because the special promotion price is what is going to encourage people to contact you; to pick up the phone to call you, or to fill out a form on your website.

Now, typically in conversation on the phone, people will ask about price…”

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