A Dojo Owner’s Resolution List For 2017

2017 resolutions for martial art school owners

So, this Sunday we’ll be ringing in the New Year.

Are you looking forward to 2017, or dreading it?

I sincerely hope you’re looking forward to it. But if not, may I suggest something?

While everyone else is making resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, and drop the weight they lost over the holidays, that’s not where your resolutions should be focused.

That’s because you’re a business owner. A professional service provider. Someone other people look to for advice, guidance, and encouragement.

That means you have to have your head screwed on straight. And, you have to be squared away mentally and emotionally when you’re on the job.

Think about it… how are you supposed to motivate and encourage others if you’re riddled with doubt and uncertainty?

The answer is, you can’t. And that’s why I want you to consider the following list of personal goals as you prepare to face the New Year:

Goal #1 – Taking Care of Yourself

As a martial arts instructor, you are in charge of taking care of others. But if you don’t take care of you first, you’re going to be in sorry shape to help your students.

So, you need to start taking care of you, first.

Sure, this means taking care of yourself physically — eating right, getting in your daily workouts, and keeping up your martial arts practice.

But it also means keeping your internal house in order, daily. So, I want you to commit to starting your day with 10 minutes of quiet time and reflection.

This time can be prayer, meditation, or just reading something positive to get your mind primed for the day. The main thing is to commit to getting your mind right, first thing in the morning.

This one habit alone will transform your day.

Goal #2 – Organizing Your Finances

I know, this one isn’t sexy. But, I see school owners struggling with the same issues over and over again, and a common theme among those issues is having disorganized finances.

Look, no one can operate at their optimal performance level when they are experiencing confusion and doubt. And often, doubt and confusion come from not having accurate information on which to make decisions.

So, this year I want you to commit to tracking your business metrics and doing your books, daily. I want you to know how much money you have coming in, how much you have in the bank, and how much you have gained in new students and how much you have lost in student dropouts each month.

I also want you to know how many leads and inquiries you are getting each day, week, and month and where they are coming from. And, I want you to have a budget for all your expenses in your dojo.

By getting this stuff squared away, you’ll be much more confident in the business decisions you make, and much less stressed and anxious about your business.

So, starting on January 1st get your books and numbers tracking systems in order, and stay on top of it daily.

Goal #3 – Filter Out Negativity

I like to stay on top of current events, but the truth is I mostly see it as a waste of time to do so. The reason I say this is because the decisions I make in my personal and business life have zero impact on world events.

Conversely, world events have little impact on my personal and business life. It doesn’t matter who is in the White House — I still have to get up each day and do the same things to grow my business.

That’s why I avoid getting too caught up in current events. It’s a massive waste of attention and energy, and it detracts from your ability to focus on things that matter.

Sure, I might glance at the news once or twice a week, or read a few news articles each day. But mostly I avoid watching the news networks and reading the headlines, because it serves no practical purpose, and it only serves to take my mind off things that matter.

What I’ve found is that I am much more positive and happy when I focus primarily on my own relationships and business and what I need to do to succeed in those areas. By filtering out the noise, I get a lot more done, and that makes me happy.

Plus, avoiding arguments with people on Facebook over stupid crap = Bonus. :)

So, this year I want you to eliminate the following from your daily routine:

  • Watching and reading the news –
  • Complaining about current events on social media –
  • Engaging in useless arguments about current events –

Instead, I want you to spend that time on listening to informative podcasts, reading business and personal development books, and integrating that information as you improve and grow your business.

Commit to filtering out the negativity and replacing it with positive, useful info. I promise you, you will feel so much better after a few days of this, and you’ll likely thank me for suggesting it.

– – –

That’s it for my suggested 2017 goals list. I sincerely hope it helps you become more productive and happy in the coming year, and I wish you and yours all the success you’ve ever desired in 2017.

Here’s to 2017 being your best year ever as a martial arts instructor.

Until next time,

Mike Massie

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P.S. – Basically this all amounts to taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. This is a familiar topic for martial arts instructors — we just need to be reminded every once in while to do it. Happy New Year, my friend.

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