Why Knowledge Without Implementation Is Useless

“Sitting On Your _ _ _ Waiting For Students To Fall From The Sky…”

I posted this in my member’s forums a few weeks back, and thought some of you would get a kick out of it:

A very common thing I see when people join this site, is that they look through the articles, download the materials, lurk on the forums… And then they don’t do a darned thing with it (the material on the site).

Sitting on your _ _ _ waiting for students to pour down from the sky isn’t going to do you any good.

And, knowing all the business and marketing systems is only half of what it takes to make things happen.

You know the other half – you have to implement, implement, implement.

Heck, I know it takes work, I know it’s time-consuming, and I know it’s a risk… and I know that if you fail, people are going to laugh, say “I told you so”, and so on.

It happened to me, and more than once when I first started.

But people are going to say those things anyway.




Put this stuff to good use – it doesn’t work if you don’t use it – but time and again, our site members have proven the converse… that it does work if you use it!

The Stuff Works

The fact is, I know it works because I teach what worked for me in real life. And I know my methods have a nearly universal applicability, based on the feedback I get from school owners from all over the world who take my information and run with it.

Which is why it boggles my mind that some people will pay good money for my information and then not do a darned thing with it. (And I’ve also observed that when the advice is given for free, the “sit on it and do nothing” factor goes up exponentially… which is why I quit giving out free coaching, even to my friends.)

School Owners Come, And School Owners Go…


Dreaming about building a successful martial arts school and not taking action is about as futile as dreaming about being in the UFC and never training to fight...

Since I’ve been running my martial arts business coaching website, I’ve noticed that people come and people go…

But the ones who actually dig into the material, then go out and implement what is being provided – those people inevitably end up thanking me for helping them turn their schools around, launch successfully, etc.

At this point, I can almost always pick out the ones who are going to be successful… because they’re the ones that don’t wait for osmosis to overcome inertia.

Instead, they learn something new, implement it… learn something new, implement it… learn something new, implement it. Over and over and over again.

Are You An Implementer?

“Implementers”, as I like to call them, are the ones who make it in this business.

Well, this Friday through Sunday I am going to be sharing three days worth of incredibly innovative, mind-blowing material with a room full of Implementers who decided it was worth three days of their time to learn some things that will transform their schools.

The material I’ll be sharing this weekend is the sum total of all the research and development I’ve done over the last three years, developing new programs and business tactics to help school owners thrive in today’s ever-changing social and economic conditions.

Those people who attend are going to be inundated with concepts, ideas, and tactics that will make it so easy to implement the information, they won’t be able to help but succeed with it. For the handful of lucky school owners who get to pick my brain for an entire weekend, it will revolutionize their businesses.

And yes, I’ll be offering this training again – a portion of it via upcoming webinars, and all of it in other live seminars we have planned for later this year and into 2010. A shame that you couldn’t make it, though – because this is the only free seminar I’ll be having for a good long while…

So, You Couldn’t Make The Seminar…

It’s understandable – life happens. But in the meantime, you can get the next best thing. Right now (until Thursday Sunday at midnight) I am offering the entire package of my business and training materials for just under $200 bucks.

It’s all the martial arts business training material I’ve put out to date – over $300 (retail cost) of material, with a value (including the bonuses) of well over $1,000.00… And you can get it all for less than the cost of one-way airfare to Austin, Texas.

Click here for more information and to order…

But remember… all the business knowledge in the world won’t do you a darn bit of good if you don’t implement it.

Want To See Updates From The Seminar Over The Weekend?

If you’d like to see updates from the seminar over the weekend, be sure to sign up for our social networking site for martial arts instructors, http://www.masainetwork.com.

We’ll be posting photos and video clips from the seminar throughout the weekend on the site, so be sure to check it throughout the weekend to get a sneak peak at the material and training.

Until next time,

Michael D. Massie
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  1. Jason Stanley on August 12, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    So true Mike…

    I know a truckload of people who have the intellectual smarts but don’t have the drive to TAKE ACTION and make it happen. They just sit around and procrastinate all day long…

    As someone said to me once, “Knowledge is knowing, but wisdom is when you make it work for yourself.”

    – Jason

  2. Mike Massie on August 12, 2009 at 7:52 pm


    Action takers always seem to get ahead.

    Don’t know why that is…


  3. Jeff on August 13, 2009 at 9:25 am


    You are absolutely right. I think one of the reasons I had trouble starting off was that I had all the right intentions but didn’t know how to implement.

    Of course, I have made the turn-around due to your help and coaching.

    I am looking forward to this weekend as it will be jammed packed with lots of useful information, networking with like minded individuals, and fun!


  4. Mike Massie on August 13, 2009 at 9:55 am

    Jeff, school owners lie you have proven time and again that just taking my instructions and recommendations from the membership site each month can have a profound impact on your bottom line.

    I’m definitely looking forward to this weekend as well. It’s going to be a lot of fun and everyone will walk away with something useful.

  5. Mogopodi . K on August 14, 2009 at 12:00 am

    you are right Mike, if you dont implement all that you know it will not take you any where,some people likes to train free, I mean free so,you sometime feel why taking a step when you know very well that your community likes training free.
    I want to take a round about turn that sensei Jeff did to go forward.

  6. Mike Massie on August 14, 2009 at 6:30 am

    Mogopodi, I encourage you to consider that those people who want to train for free are not your ideal students.

    If you can find a way to attract more affluent students (teach in a different area, get better at marketing, etc.) you’ll experience greater success.

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