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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Oh, The Joys of Autumn…

The Back-to-School and Fall Seasons Make Me Jump For Joy...

The Back-to-School and Fall Seasons Get Me Jumping For Joy…

As someone who was born and raised in the Midwest, I always get excited when fall is right around the corner.

And, although you really have to drive east or west from Austin to see the leaves turn colors, I still get excited when my little Live Oak’s leaves start to turn golden brown around the edges (which may not be till December this year with the heat we’ve been having).

But, beyond the first cold snap of the year and the smell of Autumn, beyond football games and sitting around a warm fire with a good cigar – there are other reasons I perk up when fall is coming.

And The Best Part Is…

And, one of them is Back-to-School season.

As you may very well know, Back-to-School season marks a time of year for many martial arts schools when they are apt to enroll a higher than average number of students in a very short period of time. Many parents are looking for positive activities for their children (after a long summer of trying to keep them occupied and out of trouble) and adults are looking for a little “me” time as well.

Oh the joys of this time of year! From mid-August to mid-November, this is when I love being a school owner most. For one, I get to celebrate all the things I loved as a kid (isn’t it great to have an excuse for celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – just like you did as a kid?)

And I also get to promote my programs in the process. It just can’t be beat…

But If You Don’t Have A Plan – You’re Missing Out!

But here’s the thing… if you’re not prepared for it, and if you haven’t planned for it, you are going to miss out on taking full advantage of a tremendous opportunity to grow your school.

That’s a shame, because it only comes around once a year. And yes, you can do well all year round with proper marketing… but fall is when you have a very short window of opportunity to take your regular numbers and double or even triple them.

That’s why I spend a good deal of my time and resources helping my coaching clients (both on my membership site and those getting one-on-one coaching) to take full advantage of the Back-to-School and fall seasons.

I provide my clients with a ton of information that helps them make the most of this window of opportunity. And the results are telling… I already have instructors emailing me and posting on the forums about how the marketing and promotional plan is working like a charm.

Yep. I had them starting their marketing last month in July. No kidding.

And, it paid off for them, too… but it’s not too late for you!

Two Months of Marketing Information At Your Fingertips

There’s tons of marketing information on the site, but just a word of advice… at $29 or so a month don’t expect NASA level technology on my site. But then again, don’t let the simple layout and site structure fool you, either. That information has proven to be worth it’s digital weight in tangible gold for the folks who have put it into action already.

So, if you really want to make some hay this fall (sorry, couldn’t resist) then get on over to the site and sign up.


Oh, one more thing… be sure to register for the secret Facebook group right after you join (instructions are linked from the member home page when you login). After your account is approved, introduce yourself and start posting questions, or just search the group for ideas and insights. I’m on there everyday, and there’s also a core group of innovators and implementers there who are always willing to answer your questions and share what’s working for them.

That’s all for now… I hope to see you on the membership site soon! Let’s take full advantage of this fall season and bring some growth to your school over the next three months.

Until next time,

Mike Massie
Author, Small Dojo Big Profits


  1. Jeff on August 19, 2009 at 9:54 am

    I have been on this program for over a year. If you are not on this program, you might are probably missing a bunch of money that could be made.

    Mike has helped me change my entire business and turn a down in the dumps school to something that is successful. There are lots of school owners just like me that need his helpful coaching advice to get their programs re-energized and making money.

    There are school owners that have over a 100 students paying for this program and advice. If you don’t have at least 100 Students in your program, you need to instantly join Mike’s program!

    I promise you won’t regret it.

    Jeff Barnes

  2. Mike Massie on August 19, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Thanks Jeff!

    I know how easy it is to be skeptical, so I’m glad to see some of you guys who know getting on here and telling others that it’s worth it… and then some!

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