Would you like to make money sharing the Small Dojo Big Profits line of business training resources with other martial artists and instructors?
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It’s easy to get started! Simply complete the form below to become an affiliate so you can make a 50% commission every time you refer a customer to one of my Small Dojo Big Profits line of products.


Q: What’s an affiliate?

A: An affiliate is someone who earns a referral commission by referring a customer to a particular online product or service. Many Fortune 500 companies offer affiliate programs, and there are even people who run full-time internet businesses focused solely on referring sales to products and services to earn affiliate commissions. Perhaps the most well-known company with an affiliate program is Amazon.com; they were one of the first companies to offer affiliate bounties for sales referrals online.

Q: How do you know I referred a sale to your products?

A: Online affiliate programs use what is known as an affiliate link system to track who referred each customer. When you enroll as an affiliate, you will be taken to my affiliate resources page, where you will be able to generate a unique affiliate link for each product that is part of this program. You will then refer people to my products by sharing that unique affiliate link. The vendor for our products then tracks your referral, and if the person you refer purchases that product, you make a commission.

Q: How do I know you won’t rip me off and not pay my commissions when I refer someone to your products?

A: All affiliate link referrals are tracked by the largest digital product affiliate program on the internet. To date, they have paid out billions of dollars in affiliate commissions, and they have a sterling reputation for accuracy in tracking commissions as well as for paying commissions every two weeks like clockwork. I have been a part of this program myself for over ten years, and they have never missed a payment.

Q: I don’t know anything about how to refer people – can you show me what to do?

A: Once you fill out the form on this page and join our affiliate email list, you’ll receive a link to the affiliate resources page. That page explains everything you need to know to get started as an affiliate for our products, and when you get there you’ll also find some helpful tips on earning referral commissions.

Ready to get started? Simply enter your name and email address in the form above.

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