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martial art school profits book

The Profit-Boosting Principles for Martial Art Schools

I wrote this audiobook as a follow-up to Small Dojo Big Profits. In it, I share how martial art school owners can drastically increase their profits without increasing their overhead or student enrollment. If you want to discover how to earn more from what you already have (or simply how a highly profitable studio is run), click to listen now:

Martial Arts Character Education Lesson Plans for Children

Do you have difficulty retaining students in your children's programs? Do you often hear the dreaded "We need to take a break" from parents? Then you need this book! In it, you'll discover a simple program to turn skeptical parents into raving fans of your kid's classes. If you want parents to see your school as an indispensable, must-have activity (instead of the first thing they cut from their budget), click one of these links now:

martial arts character education lessons
martial art school staff and leadership team training

Martial Art School Staff & Leadership Team Training

Do you often wish you could clone yourself, just to get things done? Do you wish you could afford the luxury of taking a day off? Do you constantly find yourself torn between trying to enroll students and teaching classes? Then it's time to hire and train some help, and this book will reveal how to do it. This is a common-sense approach to hiring and training employees for your school, based on my own experiences in building a staff in three different studios. Click to listen now on Audible:

Martial Art School Business Growth Strategies

In Martial Art School Business Growth Strategies, I address common challenges school owners will face when growing a martial art school. These are the issues most "gurus" never discuss, like developing a growth strategy, choosing a business model, scheduling for growth, understanding market segments, differentiating your dojo from your competitors, and more! If you want to learn the most effective, out of the box methods for attracting and keeping students, you will want to read this book. Click to listen now:

martial art school business growth strategies

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