Why Having A Large Dojo Will Kill Your Martial Arts School

why overhead is killing your martial art school

So lately in the newsletter, I’ve been talking about reasons why dojo owners fail… Earlier this week I wrote about attitude and ego, and how those two factors can absolutely kill a school owner right out of the gate. And yesterday, I also briefly discussed overhead, and how high overhead can bog your school’s growth…

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How To Avoid Becoming A Starving (Martial) Artist…

avoid becoming a starving martial artist

The Tragedy of the Starving Artist I’ve known a lot of artists in my time, mostly because I admire people who are artistic. I like being around them, because they tend to have unique perspectives on life and culture. Among the artists I’ve known there have been brilliant painters, musicians, photographers, and writers. People who had…

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Your Dojo Is Failing And This Is Why

your dojo is failing and this is why

Before you click the “back” button, I want you to know that I’m not trying to sell you anything in this article. Nope. Today I’m just here to give you some friendly advice. Here’s why… A Curious Trend A few days ago, you might have noticed a postscript to one of my daily emails that said…

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Why Implementation Is The Key To Martial Arts Business Success

Implementation and martial arts business success

Today I want to talk about what makes one dojo more successful than another. Of course, the success of a business is dependent on many factors: Owner experience Owner knowledge Owner work ethic Economic conditions Market conditions …and so on. However, there’s one factor that can tilt the scales in your favor over time. I…

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Is This False Dojo Advertising?

karate and taekwondo in MMA

So lately there has been a lot of talk about traditional martial arts making a comeback in MMA. Of course, we’re all aware of how Lyoto Machida successfully adapted his Shotokan karate skills to the ring, and with great success. And, now we’re seeing karate and tae kwon do black belts like Stephen Thompson, Sage…

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