Ep. 47: Interview with Jeet Kune Do Instructor JB Jaeger

Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 47 Interview With Jeet Kune Do Instructor JB Jaeger

In this episode of The Martial Arts Business Podcast, Mr. Massie interviews JB Jaeger of Maryland Jeet Kune Do. And, Mike explains the importance of tracking metrics in The Tip of the Week. Mentioned In This Episode: Maryland Jeet Kune Do (JB’s martial arts school) Burton Richardson’s JKD Unlimited Jeff Chan on YouTube The Martial…

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Ep. 45: Why Martial Arts School Owners Have It Made

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Episode Description: When it comes to our business model, martial arts school owners have it made compared to other small businesses and industries. While this statement might fly in the face of your current experience as a studio owner, in this episode I explain why I believe it to be true. Also, you’ll learn The…

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The Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 44

Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 44

The State of the Martial Arts Industry & Choosing Success Mentioned in This Episode: Small Dojo Big Profits As A Man Thinketh Episode Transcript: You’re listening to the Martial Arts Business Podcast with your host, Small Dojo Big Profits author Mike Massie. Remember to go to Martial Arts Business Daily for podcast for show notes,…

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Can You Earn a Living Teaching Martial Arts for Free?

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Q: Do you think you could make a living teaching martial arts for free? The obvious answer is, of course not. Sure, you can attract students with free trial offers, and many school owners do. But there has to be a limit, or else you’ll go broke giving away your time and expertise to people…

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