Are You Treating Your Martial Arts Students Like Property?

when martial arts students are treated like property

Martial Arts Students Aren’t Property, So Don’t Treat Them As Such I’m sure you’ve seen those retro t-shirts that say, “Property of Such-and-Such Athletic Department.” I’ve even seen some schools adopt that design for their own shirts. “Property of Such-and-Such Martial Arts.” Students love that stuff, and I bet those schools sell them by the…

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Winning The Mental Game of Running A Martial Art School

depression and the martial art school owner

Okay, so let’s talk about depression and the martial art school owner. The first thing I’m going to say is that, if you are depressed, go see a mental health professional, either a therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist. The days of there being a stigma against seeing a therapist to talk through issues are long gone.…

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Why DIY Martial Arts Marketing Is Driving Students Away From Your Dojo

DiY martial arts marketing

So this week in the newsletter we’re finishing up the series on why dojo owners fail, and I’ve been talking about marketing mistakes. Monday I wrote about inconsistent marketing, yesterday I wrote about sending the wrong marketing message… And today I’m writing about unprofessional marketing. The DIY Dojo Owner When I started my first school, I…

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Why Having A Large Dojo Will Kill Your Martial Arts School

why overhead is killing your martial art school

So lately in the newsletter, I’ve been talking about reasons why dojo owners fail… Earlier this week I wrote about attitude and ego, and how those two factors can absolutely kill a school owner right out of the gate. And yesterday, I also briefly discussed overhead, and how high overhead can bog your school’s growth…

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