Small Dojo Big Profits

Small Dojo Big Profits

The manual that started a martial arts business revolution...

Small Dojo Big Profits is the original martial arts school start-up manual covering starting, launching, growing, and running a martial art school.

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About the Book

Since 2004, Small Dojo Big Profits has guided martial arts instructors through the risky yet rewarding process of starting and running a highly successful and profitable martial art school. Eschewing the conventional wisdom that says you must have a huge school with 300 or more students to be financially successful, instead author Mike Massie shows you how to take on less risk while working smarter and not harder by running a lean, mean, efficient martial arts studio operation.

A common sense martial arts school start-up and business operations manual, this completely updated version of the classic martial arts business guide is perfect for anyone who wants to maintain their integrity while building a successful martial art school. If you’re looking for the best source of complete information for starting, launching, growing, and running a martial art school from scratch, this is it.

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