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martial arts business consultant Mike Massie

Are you looking for a business coach who can help you build the type of school you want to own? A dojo you can be proud to operate?

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There are no long-term commitments, and I won't up-sell you on some "mastermind" program. We'll simply spend some time together on Zoom focusing on your specific challenges, questions, and goals.

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Client Success Story


I started learning from Michael Massie in 2012 when I purchased his book, "The Profit Boosting Principles." At the time, I was a part time owner with a full time job. I had about 30 students.

Later that year I joined his coaching program and began soaking up the information. Since that time I have become one of the most successful school owners in my area and within my jiu-jitsu association, soon to hit 275 students...

I have been a member of just about every mastermind group out there. Spending tens of thousands of dollars just to realize that the lessons they are teaching are simply retooled versions of what Michael is teaching in this program.

You can not go wrong if you're learning from Michael Massie.

- Bill Jones, Owner Top Level Martial Arts