Why DIY Martial Arts Marketing Is Driving Students Away From Your Dojo

DiY martial arts marketing

So this week in the newsletter we’re finishing up the series on why dojo owners fail, and I’ve been talking about marketing mistakes. Monday I wrote about inconsistent marketing, yesterday I wrote about sending the wrong marketing message… And today I’m writing about unprofessional marketing. The DIY Dojo Owner When I started my first school, I…

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Is This False Dojo Advertising?

karate and taekwondo in MMA

So lately there has been a lot of talk about traditional martial arts making a comeback in MMA. Of course, we’re all aware of how Lyoto Machida successfully adapted his Shotokan karate skills to the ring, and with great success. And, now we’re seeing karate and tae kwon do black belts like Stephen Thompson, Sage…

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Hope Is Not A Martial Arts Marketing Plan

hope is not a martial arts marketing plan

How To Get 40 New Student Inquiries A Month… Most martial art school owners and instructors suffer from what I call “lackofleaditis”. They get just a few new student inquiries a week… …and they think that’s just the way things are. Let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth, and hope is…

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