Are You Treating Your Martial Arts Students Like Property?

when martial arts students are treated like property

Martial Arts Students Aren’t Property, So Don’t Treat Them As Such I’m sure you’ve seen those retro t-shirts that say, “Property of Such-and-Such Athletic Department.” I’ve even seen some schools adopt that design for their own shirts. “Property of Such-and-Such Martial Arts.” Students love that stuff, and I bet those schools sell them by the…

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The Secret to Martial Arts Student Retention

You know, there’s a secret to martial arts student retention. Most people think they know what it is, but in fact they don’t. Some instructors think it’s in teaching exciting classes. Not necessarily. Still others may think it’s in keeping close ties to your students. Close, but no quite. Others may think the secret is…

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5 Sociopathic Martial Arts Instructor Personalities

5 sociopathic martial arts instructors

No matter what anyone tells you, this is a personality-driven business. For that reason (and in light of recent events), I think it’s time to discuss sociopathic martial arts instructor personalities… Although I’m sure you can come up with dozens (nay, hundreds) of horrifying examples based on your own experiences (every black belt has a…

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3 Steps to Increased Black Belt Student Retention

increasing black belt student retention

How To Keep Students To Black Belt And Beyond Black belt student retention requires a lot more than just enrolling your brown belts on a six-year contract (I’m joking, but I’d bet dimes to doughnuts that there are schools that actually do this). If you want to keep your students to black belt, and long after black…

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Quickest Way To Get New Students?

get new martial arts students

You know, I spend a lot of time on this blog explaining how to get new students in your martial arts school. However, there’s one really simple way to get new students that many school owners overlook or dismiss offhand… We’ll get to that in a minute. But first, let’s quickly list all the various…

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