The Cost Of Being A Successful Martial Art School Owner

martial arts business success

“THE COST OF BEING WHO YOU ARE IS CONFLICT WITH THOSE WHO WANT YOU TO BE SOMEONE ELSE. THE COST OF BEING WHAT OTHERS WANT YOU TO BE IS CONFLICT WITH YOURSELF.” ~UNKNOWN I like this quote this week because it reminds me of the dissonance many instructors and school owners experience when they first…

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The Increasing Meaninglessness Of Black Belt

the black belt has become meaningless

Or, Would You Please Stop Screwing Up The Martial Arts Industry? So this morning I see this post on a popular social media website. The gist of it is, one instructor was deriding another instructor for “only” promoting 14 black belts in 40 years. His take on it was that it indicated the other guy…

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Looking Back On 20 Years Of Small Dojo Big Profits

Small Dojo Big Profits book

20 Years… How Things Change, And How They’ve Stayed The Same So, it’s been over ten years (update 2023: now, two decades) since I first released Small Dojo Big Profits. Since I’m almost finished with the completely updated and revised version of SDBP manual right now (note: it’s done already), I’ve been thinking about how…

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On Being A Martial Arts Pro

professional martial arts instructor

Martial Arts Professionals And Ethical Standards In Our Industry For many years I have been a staunch advocate of transparency and honesty among martial arts pros, especially regarding martial art school business practices. My reasoning for this is simple. For one, it’s simply the decent thing to do. Second, I believe it’s the best way…

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