Small Dojo Success Secrets

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Many school owners think it's impossible to make a decent living while teaching a quality martial arts program. I think that's a tragedy.

I've launched three martial art schools and spent two decades running them. During that time, I discovered the "secret" to earning a great living while keeping your program quality high...

The secret is to keep your school small and maximize your profits. And that's exactly what this FREE book is all about.

Small Dojo Success Secrets

What's Inside This e-Book

12 Key Principles

This book covers 12 key principles all successful small dojo owners follow to grow their schools while maintaining the integrity of their art.

Avoid Mistakes

It's the mistakes you don't see that will make or break your dojo. Discover the most common mistakes school owners make, and find out how to avoid them so your dojo prospers.

Small Dojo Compatible

Each principle draws on the Small Dojo Big Profits road map for starting and growing a martial art school. The advice in this book is designed specifically for small school owners.


Every principle has been tried and tested in my own small schools and with dozens of my coaching clients. It's info that has changed the lives of other school owners, just like you.

No Fluff

This isn't some three-page report with thin content. It's 45+ pages of usable, actionable advice.

The Honest Truth

Those who know me know I don't pull punches. In this book, you'll get the straight dope on what it takes to have a highly profitable small dojo.


Small Dojo Success Secrets