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Many school owners struggle to earn a decent living teaching martial arts. It's not for lack of effort, that's for sure.

So what holds most instructors back from achieving their dreams?

Knowledge, plain and simple. Knowing how to make all the right moves as a small business owner, how to get more students, and how to keep them.

Wouldn't it be great to have answers to all your questions about starting and growing a profitable martial arts studio?

Now you can have solid martial arts business advice right on your mobile device with the MAbizU app. Click below, download the app, and find out how to build the martial arts school of your dreams, today.

Small Dojo Big Profits

First written and released in 2003, Small Dojo Big Profits has been completely revised and updated.

The Small Dojo Big Profits martial arts business manual is perfect for anyone who wants to run a highly-profitable martial arts school while maintaining high standards of integrity and program quality.

"I started reading the ebook. This stuff is AWESOME!! I love how everything you're about is done with integrity. I'm going to adopt your way from now on. Thank you so much."
- Damien Albino, Kearny, NJ

Available in paperback, digital ereader format, and as an online course. The course is accessed via web browser or our online learning app, so you can learn and listen on the go. Click to learn more, now:

The Micro Dojo System

The Micro Dojo System Course reveals a unique, tried and true martial art school business model that makes it possible to earn a six-figure income in the tiniest dojo possible.

This may sound outlandish to some, but I developed these methods over many years of trial and error. And, I used the approach during the pandemic to continue teaching out of a tiny garage dojo while profiting more each month than I had before in a full-time, storefront location.

"Just purchased the Micro Dojo course and just want to say it's worth EVERY PENNY."
- Irvin Burton, Santa Clarita, CA

Available exclusively as an online course. The course is accessed via web browser or our online learning app, so you can learn and listen on the go. Click to learn more, now:

More Martial Arts Business Courses

In addition to Small Dojo Big Profits, I also offer martial arts business courses on topics such as how to market a martial art school, how to sell memberships ethically, and how to run after-school and summer martial arts camps.

Each of these courses is offered on a state-of-the-art online digital learning platform, and can be accessed anywhere via web browser or the app.

Click the button to find out more about these courses:

martial arts business bookstore

Martial Arts Business Guides

For martial arts instructors on a budget, I've released a number of low-cost martial arts business resources as paperbacks, audiobooks, and digital ebooks.

Many of these are only available as Kindle ebooks because they are short reports. However, the longer books—The Profit-Boosting Principles for Martial Art Schools, Business Growth Strategies for Martial Art Schools, and Martial Arts Character Education Lesson Plans for Children—are also available as paperbacks and audiobooks, for those of you who don't like reading ebooks.

(NOTE: Even if you don't have a Kindle reading device, you can still read these ebooks on your PC, Mac, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android device. My ebook distributor offers a FREE ebook reading app for all mobile devices.)

Click here to visit my author page at Amazon to find out more. Or, click one of the buttons below to order my books from my bookstore at a discount, or to listen free for 30 days on Audible: