Martial Arts Character Education Lesson Plans for Kids

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From: Mike Massie
Date: Friday 9:21 am — Austin, Texas

Martial art character education lesson

That’s me – delivering a mat-chat to a spellbound audience of 7-12 year olds…



Besides getting students, what’s the biggest challenge any martial arts school owner can face?

That’s right – it’s student retention! Keeping students by turning parents into raving fans is the key to long-term martial arts business success.

If you can master martial arts marketing, you’re halfway there…

But, if you can master the art of martial arts student retention, you’ll keep the doors to your martial arts school open indefinitely.

Having high student retention also means that you’re doing things right, because you’re keeping your clients happy.

(And, if you teach kids, your “clients” are parents, plain and simple.)

So how do you turn skeptical moms and dads into raving fans? It’s easy, when you know how…

Find Out the Secrets for Turning Absolutely Skeptical Parents Into Raving Fans

Introducing: “Martial Arts Character Education Lesson Plans for Children” (Now in Paperback!)

Martial Arts Character Education Lesson Plans for KidsIn my new book, Martial Arts Character Education Lesson Plans for Children: A Complete 16-Week Curriculum for Teaching Character Values and Life Skills in Your Martial Art School, I reveal my secrets for turning every parent and child who walks through your door into a raving fan.

This is the exact same character education program I authored and implemented in my school almost twenty years ago…

…The very same one that I’ve used all this time to achieve sky-high retention rates and turn skeptical parents into raving fans.

And let me tell you – this program works.

But before I share exactly what this book will do for your studio and why you’ll want to order it immediately, let me tell you a little story…

“So Just What The Heck Does Mike Massie Know About Character Education?”

Mike Massie author of Small Dojo Big ProfitsYou know me from my previous books, martial arts business blog, coaching websites, and articles…

And, I’m here to tell you that the information I share in this book reveals how to transform your school from “just another kid’s activity” into a highly respected and profitable “success academy.”

I’ll be honest with you; I sort of “fell” into teaching as a profession. I always wanted to be a martial art instructor, but it was always a “someday” thing for me.

But when I got out of the service and found that my instructor wasn’t teaching anymore, I needed a place to train. So, I found one of his black belts and partnered with him to open a school.

Of course, I got stuck with most of the teaching responsibilities, including the kid’s classes. But guess what?

I discovered something I was really good at. More importantly, I found that I deeply enjoy making a difference in the lives of children. And that’s why I did it for very little money for years…

That’s not to say that you can’t make a good living teaching martial arts, because you can. You just have to know how…

And, teaching a well-organized, child-specific character education program in your studio is one of the hidden keys to operating a highly profitable martial arts school.

Read on to find out more about how to do it –the right way!


How You Can Give Parents The Happiest Kids On The Block…
And Get Referrals Like Crazy In The Process!

But that’s not even the best part… I also show you how to help your students become the happiest kids on the block!

I mean, that’s what it’s all about, right?

Let’s be honest; if you just wanted to make a lot of money, you’d have picked another profession – because there are much easier ways to make a good living than starting and running a martial arts school.

But you chose this profession because you want to make a difference in kid’s lives. Trust me, I know the feeling.

And, once you read this book, you’ll know exactly how to do just that every day you go to class.


“I opened my own martial arts school three years ago, and until I got this book, my character education curriculum wasn’t very well thought out. This book has given me a concrete way to teach character to my young students. I’m only into week 5 so far, and already I’m a firm believer. It’s so easy to follow and perfect for my kids class. The kids LOVE the mat chats – no joke, I overhead a kid say, ‘This is my favorite part of class!’ Thank you, Mr. Massie!”

— D. Zedler, 5-Star Amazon Review

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What’s Better Than FREE Advertising?
Free Word-of-Mouth Advertising, That’s What!

Teaching martial arts character education

Here’s a picture of me ca. 1997-1998. Mat chats have generated more referrals for me than anything else, bar none. If you want to see your school grow, help kids succeed.



One of the keys to financial success in this industry is to absolutely over-deliver on your promises, in order to have clients who become evangelists for your programs in your community.

You can tell the world how great your programs are, and people will respond with a “meh” attititude…

But let someone else tell them how great your programs are, and I guarantee they’ll perk up and listen!

Third-party endorsements are the best form of promotion for your school, and they will help the buzz about your programs spread like wildfire.

Let me tell you, moms and dads who see a positive change in their kids won’t just be grateful to you, they are going to tell everyone they know about you… and I mean everyone

It’s like having a bunch of free press agents working for you 24/7/365 – you just can’t buy that kind of advertisement!

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Change Lives For The Better, Every Day You Go To Work…
And Get Paid VERY Well For Doing It!

“Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”
— Harvey MacKay

And that’s what this book is all about… changing lives and having a thriving martial arts business!

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover in Martial Arts Character Education Lesson Plans for Children:

  • What benefits are there to teaching a character education program in your school? Find out in chapter one…
  • Want to become a rock star in your town? You can! The second chapter explains why your skills and services as a character education specialist are more in demand than ever…
  • Find out how to turn boring mat chats into interactive fun time that your students will actually crave and look forward to!
  • What’s the deadly mistake you must avoid if you want to maintain your credibility as a character development expert? Find out on page 7…
  • What must you know about how kids learn and develop in order to teach life skills and character values in your martial arts school? Pages 9-16 reveal exactly what I’ve learned from two decades of teaching this program in my own schools…
  • Find out what you can do to “supercharge” the results from your character development programs – and drive the excitement factor in your classes through the roof!
  • SPECIAL BONUS SECTION!!! Everything you need to know about teaching children’s martial arts like a pro… if you’ve ever been frustrated with teaching children’s martial arts classes, you MUST read this section!


“Whether you own a dojo, giving Martial Arts lessons in your garage, or just plain interested in teaching children; this book is for YOU! Even schoolteachers as well as parents will benefit from the plans set forth in this easy-to-understand lesson guide. Sensei Mike’s books are one great addition to your teaching library. I highly recommend them.”

— Phillip Hoffeld, 5-Star Amazon Review

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Finally… Organized, Easy-to-Understand and Simple-to-Teach Mat Chat Lesson Plans!

You’re busy, right?

I mean, sometimes insane pull-out-your-hair-at-the-roots busy…

I know the feeling; believe me, I know (how do you think I lost all my hair?)

So let’s admit it, we sometimes go out on the floor without a written plan for our mat chat of the day.

Sure, you can wing it – but after a while, parents and kids start to catch on. And that, my friends, will ring the death knell for your student retention!

So why not make it easy on yourself?

I purposely set up these lessons so I could briefly review them, have them memorized in 30 seconds or less, and then teach an exciting and motivating mat chat in every single class.

  • No more winging it –
  • No more babbling, talking too long, or wondering what to say –
  • Look like an absolute personal motivation expert to every parent who walk through your door –

You will when you get this book and start teaching the easy lesson plans in your mat chats!


“I have been looking for the right compliment to my kids classes and I think I have found it with Michael Massie’s Character Education Lesson Plans. It walks you through sixteen weeks of great instruction, how to implement and use of the program. I can’t wait to start using it in my classes starting next week. Thank you Michael.”
— Erik Pitchford, 5-Star Amazon Review

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Easily Worth 10 Times The Price!

character education for kids bookI realize that I could have easily sold this program for ten times the advertised price. Others are licensing their character development programs for a minimum of $150.00 a month

But, I’m more concerned with helping school owners succeed. And, I sincerely believe in the power of this program, so I want to get it into as many hands as possible.

Don’t let the low price fool you into believing that there’s little value here, because the benefits you’ll receive from implementing this program in your studio are immeasurable.

This program will bring you higher student retention and help you become a rock star in your communityGet your copy today!

Get it today at this special
introductory price for just…

Just $14.99

I’m absolutely positive you’ll love the higher student retention and increased referrals you’ll get once you order this book and start teaching my simple-to-follow character education mat chat lesson plans. Click the link below to order now!

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P.S. I know I could charge a lot more for this information, and in fact I do intend to increase the price soon for this paperback version of Character Education Lesson Plans for Children. Get it today at this special introductory price, because you may never be able to get it at this price again…

P.P.S. This program will increase your student retention and customer satisfaction immensely – but it won’t implement itself. The good news is that these lessons are super-easy to implement. Get the book today and help your students become the happiest kids on the block!