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Need martial arts consulting to help you start or grow your school? I can help!

I More Than Doubled My Enrollment In 4 Months!

“I just wanted you know (long overdue), that you helped me out of a deep hole. My academy was on life support, I had very little money to my name. I took a chance with you and hoped I made the right move…

Well, I more than doubled my enrollment in 4 months after our initial consultation.

You opened my eyes to a whole new world of Martial Arts Business concepts and practices. I’ve since then invested a lot in my education and have done even better. Thanks Mike!”

– Tommy Woodruff, Rockford IL

First, A Word On Gurus…

I am not a guru – I’m a coach. And here’s why…

A guru gives you the impression that yes, they can help you improve. However, they also tend to give the impression that there can be only one guru (guru-ing being how they make their living, of course, so you can’t have too many gurus running around). So, you can never really become as good or better than the guru, which keeps you dependent on the guru for life.

A coach on the other hand tells you that not only can they help you improve, they can help you reach your maximum potential. I honestly don’t know how high or far you’ll go on the basis of my teaching. However, I can say with all certainty that my job is not to hold you back or keep you dependent on me – instead, it’s to give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed and set you loose.

Martial Arts Business Coaching

Now that I’ve made that clear, let’s talk about my martial arts business coaching program. Here’s how it works – if you’ve read my materials and think my approach is a good fit* for the type of school you want to run, the first step is to schedule your initial coaching session.

(*Speaking of which, if you want to run a school of 300+ students in 5,000+ square feet, I’m not your guy. But, if you want to run a profitable dojo with 125-250 students, keeping your overhead low and your profit margins high, and have a life outside of your studio, then I’m your guy.)

Now, I don’t do “free consultations” or any of that crap. I charge for my time from the moment we start talking. However, I also don’t do big consulting packages. Your first coaching session will cost you a couple hundred bucks for an hour of my time on the phone and four weeks of weekly email follow-ups. If you want to continue after that then you’re welcome to purchase more sessions, but it’s not required.

However, I will say that most coaching clients do best when they commit to at least six months of coaching. That’s roughly how long it usually takes to get a school owner through my entire system and to get their school firing on all eight cylinders.

If You Need Help, Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

One last bit of advice (this part is free) – if you need help, don’t wait until it’s too late for me to help you. I can show anyone how to run a very profitable small studio operation, but I can’t work miracles over the phone. If you call me when you’re six months behind on your rent, with 15 paying students and after you’ve already tapped out your savings, there’s not going to be much I can do to help you.

On the other hand, if you call me before you start your school, or when you’re in the early stages, or when you’re doing okay but you’ve hit a plateau that you need help getting past, that’s when I can do you the most good. So, click below now to start getting the coaching you need today, before you get to the point where no amount of coaching can help.

Ready to get started?

Fill out a support ticket and I’ll respond with instructions for taking the next steps.

Best regards,

Mike Massie
author, Small Dojo Big Profits

P.S. – My hourly rate runs $250 an hour. If that’s not within your budget, then you might want to check out Martial Arts Business U instead. It’s my online business coaching group, and members are seeing their schools explode. I offer a 7-day money back guarantee, so you can check it out at no risk.