Hard-Hitting Martial Arts Copywriting Services By Mike Massie

Hard-hitting martial arts copywriting by Mike MassieToday, the written word is more prevalent than it’s ever been. And likewise, it’s more prevalent in marketing now than it’s ever been.

Words are the primary means of conveying your marketing message online, and words sell. So, if you want to market your martial arts school in today’s digital world, good ad writing is not just desirable – it’s essential.

Whether it’s the copy and content for your website, content for your email newsletter, a headline and short copy for a Google pay-per-click ad, a blog post, a social media status update, the script for a website or YouTube video, or the content for a print ad… you need good copy.

Examples Of How “Hard-Hitting” Copywriting Can Help You Grow Your Martial Arts School

So, can hard-hitting martial arts copywriting help you grow your school? Absolutely. I know this for a fact, because I’ve seen it work for over twenty years, both in my own schools and with my martial arts copywriting clients.

Here are just a few examples chosen from among the many clients I’ve served with expert martial arts copywriting services:

  • One of my first clients, a BJJ instructor, had been struggling along for years with under 40 students. I built him a simple five-page lead capture website and wrote two online sales letters for his business, one targeted to the children’s market, and one to adults. Within a year he’d more than doubled his enrollment, and was able to quit his day job and go full-time  Today he runs one of the most successful martial arts school in his area, and boasts of having well over 300 members. To this day he tells me the first site and ad copy I wrote for him is a “leads machine” (his words).
  • The same client recently came to me in need of a website to replace the site they were using to market their kickboxing program. I redesigned the site and wrote an entirely new sales letter for the home page. They went from selling 4-5 memberships a month on the old site, to doing that many in a single day shortly after we updated the site.
  • My friend Jim, another BJJ instructor, badly needed a website overhaul. So, I redesigned his website and wrote a sales letter for his home page (prior to this he was using his blog feed for his home page content). He went from just getting a few leads a week from his site, to getting 9 new leads in the first few days the site and sales letter went live. And since the site went live, he doubled his enrollments the second half of February, and nearly tripled his January numbers in March. Here’s what he sent me this morning in an email to let me know how his new site and sales letter is working out:

“We got 19 for the month of March. 12 for February. 7 for January. It’s working!”

– Jim Mahan, Owner, Absolute Self-Defense and Fitness, Killeen, TX

As you can see, good martial arts copywriting works.

The Fact Is, Not Everyone Can Write Martial Arts Marketing Copy

copywriting for martial arts schoolsLike I said, good martial arts copywriting works – it’s just that not everyone can do it.

Personally, I’d rather hire a neurosurgeon to perform brain surgery and not a dentist. Even though they both work in the same general area of the body, their areas of specialty differ greatly in highly critical ways.

I specialize in writing ad copy for martial arts schools. I’ve been writing copy for twenty years for my own schools and for various clients along the way. So, I know what sort of copy works to help schools grow. Knowing the market makes a huge difference in my ability to write effective ad copy for martial arts schools.

That’s not to say you couldn’t get good copy written by someone from outside our industry. I’d be lying if I told you that; it’s just that they’re going to have to do a lot of research before they can even begin to understand the market and audience. But as for me, I can get into the mind of your audience immediately, because I’ve been marketing to them for over twenty years.

Here’s what one of my long-time blog readers had to say about my martial arts copywriting skills, versus those offered by other marketing “experts” in the industry:

“I would caution others who might hear of someone else in this industry offering copywriting because MANY of these so called ‘experts’ hire other copywriters to do the work and those copywriters don’t have the same connection with the market as you do Mike.

If you are unfamiliar with writing copy, one of the most important things to understand is the MARKET and having your message match. If you screw that up, there can be some major problems and you’ll end up spending marketing dollars with a zero ROI and think it’s something else when the problem lies with the message to the market.

And Mike, I’ve seen your martial art copywriting. All your study and effort has made you an A+ copywriter. You’ve got the message, understand it, and are always improving it to be better and deliver the ROI results a business person wants.

So, in my humble opinion, if someone chooses the wrong person to work with to help their business become successful, then their success will only be delayed by their unwillingness to see what you can do for them Mike.”

– Jason Froehlich, successful school owner

What’s Good Copy Really Worth?

Let’s take my average client, for example. Such a school owner likely has a website, but it doesn’t get much traffic, and the traffic it does get doesn’t convert well at all… meaning the site doesn’t generate much business for them. So, let’s be generous and say their site produces a half-dozen leads a month.

  • 6 leads at a month at a conversion rate of 50% = 3 enrollments a month.
  • 3 enrollments a month x $125 tuition = $375 a month
  • $375 x 6 months (avg. time a student sticks around) = $2,250
  • $2,250 x 12 months of the year = $27,000.00, what the typical client’s website generates in revenue each year

Now, after optimizing and rewriting their sales copy, my typical client will see double, triple, or even quadruple the leads from their website. Since we’re using such a poor-performing website as an example, let’s just say they triple their leads (Note: Any website that gets less than 15 leads a month is broken).

  • 18 leads at a month at a conversion rate of 50% = 9 enrollments a month.
  • 9 enrollments a month x $125 tuition = $1,125 a month
  • $1,125 x 6 months (avg. time a student sticks around) = $6,750
  • $6,750 x 12 months of the year = $81,000.00 (which makes grousing over my fees sort of a moot point)

Ask yourself… is your site worth $80,000 a year right now?

Hire Me To Write Your Martial Arts Copy, And Watch Your Profits Explode…

Is good martial arts copywriting cheap? Of course not, because if it was “cheap” it wouldn’t be worth anything. And sure, it’s an expense, but one that you simply can’t afford to avoid in today’s digital world.

Can you do it yourself? I honestly don’t know, but if you’ve been writing your own martial arts ad copy the short answer to that question is in your current results. So if you’re struggling, the answer is obviously “no”.

Good copywriting is an investment in your financial future. And when you hire me to write the sales copy for your martial arts school, you can rest easy that you’re making a solid investment.

The copy I write for your school will:

  • Elevate your website response rates…
  • Increase your enrollments to record numbers…
  • And explode your school’s profits!

If you’re ready to get the sort of results that will make you the envy of other school owners in your area…

If you’re tired of wasting money on ads and website copy that simply doesn’t work…

If you want to finally have the sort of lifestyle that’s worthy of all your hard work as an instructor…

Click the link below to contact me right now. When you do, I’ll follow up with you to discuss your budget and needs. Once we agree on a campaign and budget I’ll immediately write hard-hitting, profit-pulling martial arts marketing copy for your school.

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