A Martial Arts Professional’s Code of Ethics

martial arts professional ethics code author Mike Massieby Michael Massie, author, Small Dojo Big Profits

  1. I am a martial arts professional, and therefore an ambassador for my profession. I agree to uphold the highest moral and ethical standards in my professional and personal dealings with others.
  2. I am responsible for the well-being of my students. Therefore, I agree to always act in the best interests of my students and customers.
  3. I am honest and transparent in my dealings with others. I only enter into legally binding agreements with my clients after providing full disclosure of the terms of the agreement and only after verbal verification that the client understands those terms.
  4. I am responsible for setting a positive example for others. I maintain the highest personal standards of physical fitness and skill development, and I practice what I preach.
  5. I agree to teach martial arts and operate my business in a manner that brings honor to the martial arts industry overall. I am a martial arts professional.

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Martial Arts Professional's Code of Ethics

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