Why You Need To Market Your Summer Karate Camps Now!

Karate camp marketingHere’s the deal with summer activities…

Parents start planning ahead and signing kids up NOW – not when summer arrives!

Why? Because they want to make sure they get their kids into an activity before it fills up.

Case in point – my friend Doris, who recently waited six hours in line to get her kid in summer swimming.

She got beat by a mom who got in line the night before at 11 PM – is that crazy, or what?

Parents are serious about getting their kids into summer activities – very serious…

That means YOU need to be marketing your summer camps NOW, not two months from now.

If you do, you’ll have a summer camp that’s full all summer long, and you’ll be free from the “summer drop-out” worries, too.

Don’t know a thing about running summer camps?

I’ve got you covered…

Click the link to learn from over a decade of experience running massively successful summer camps:

Learn How To Start A Summer Day Camp


Guess what? Full summer camps can EASILY turn into FULL after-school karate programs.

Then, you have stable income year-round!

Get my Summer Camp manual AND my After-School Karate Program at the link below, and save $47.00!

Mike Massie’s After-School Karate Program System

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  1. Al Richardson on April 17, 2011 at 10:09 am

    Great article- I will definitely share with my clients


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