Why You Need To Market Your Summer Karate Camps Now!

martial arts marketing summer camps

Here’s the deal with summer activities…

Parents start planning ahead and signing kids up months before summer break starts—not when summer arrives!

Why? Because they want to make sure they get their kids into an activity before it fills up.

Case in point—my friend Doris, who recently waited six hours in line to get her kid in summer swimming.

She got beat by a mom who got in line the night before at 11 PM. Is that crazy, or what?

Parents are serious about getting their kids into summer activities—very serious…

That means YOU need to be marketing your summer camps in March and April, not May.

If you do, you’ll have a summer camp that’s full all summer long, and you’ll be free from the “summer drop-out” worries, too.

Don’t know a thing about running summer camps?

I’ve got you covered…

Now you can learn from my decade of experience running massively successful summer camps

And guess what? Full summer camps can EASILY turn into FULL after-school karate programs.

Then, you have stable income year-round!

Get my Summer Camp course AND my After-School Karate Program course at the link below, right now:

Mike Massie’s After-School & Summer Martial Arts Program Course


  1. Al Richardson on April 17, 2011 at 10:09 am

    Great article- I will definitely share with my clients


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